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Air conditioning promotion and bundles

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Air conditioning promotion and bundles

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During this summer’s hottest days, your air conditioning systems in your car and your home will be essential.

Fortunately, DIAGNO PRO MÉCANIQUE is an automotive air-conditioning specialist and has all the equipment and certification required to check, maintain or repair your vehicle’s air conditioning.


Bundle 1 – Diagnosis

Is your system leaking, broken or defective?

  • Is cold air coming out more slowly than before?
  • Is there an abnormal noise when the air conditioning system is on?
  • Is your fuel consumption abnormally high?

Have your vehicle checked as soon as possible to avoid complications and soaring repair costs at an inconvenient time.

Bundle 2 – Preventative treatment

Recommended once a year, ideally in the spring, to prevent the proliferation of fungi or mould in the evaporator.

Includes system inspection, cabin filter (pollen filter) replacement and air duct treatment (anti-bacterial and anti-odour)

Bundle 3 – Circuit refill

Just like oil, the R-134A fluid must be changed or checked (every two years) to ensure optimal air conditioning in your vehicle.

After performing a pressure and performance test, we’ll adjust your A/C system’s refrigerant (up to 0.5 kg) with our service unit duly certified according to the environmental standards in force.

Bundle 4 – Repair

The cost of a complete repair varies greatly depending on the vehicle and the components that need replacing (condenser, compressor, expansion valve, evaporator, dehydrator).

Request a quote and learn out about our ACCORD D financing solutions.