Saint-Hyacinthe's car repair and diagnostics specialists
Anti-bacterial treatment, odor, refill, R134A

Complete system check-up
starting at $79.95

Check engine, scan, scope

Engine check-up
starting at $59.95

Welcome to Diagno PRO!

We’re Saint-Hyacinthe's car repair and diagnostics specialists.
Call us today: 450 253‑9392.

Are you dealing with one of the following issues?

An engine that won’t start, cuts out or overheats?

A worrisome warning light ?

An accessory that doesn’t work anymore?

Air conditioning that's not cooling your vehicle?

A suspicious noise under the hood?

We’re the car repair shop you need!

Advanced motor efficiency diagnostics

About Us

Your Diagno PRO Mécanique Saint-Hyacinthe technician is an expert who specializes in performing advanced motor efficiency diagnostics, resolving intermittent electrical or electronic issues, correcting automotive air conditioning system problems and providing complex mechanical solutions.

Car and pick-up inspection, periodic maintenance or repair


Whether your vehicle needs an inspection, periodic maintenance or repair, Diagno PRO provides personalized and professional services thanks to its reliable, rigorous, clever and efficient technician and clean, newly equipped and eco-friendly workshop.

If you want to keep your vehicle in good and safe working order as well as ensure it stays that way over the long term, don’t hesitate to book an appointment or contact us for more information.

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